How Volunteerism Impacts the Workplace

Expand your network, increase your skill set, and boost your self-esteem.
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April was National Volunteer Month! We didn’t want to let the month pass without honoring the importance of volunteerism. At Tipping Point, each employee receives a paid VTO (Volunteer Time Off) day. We encourage all our employees to get out into the community to give back to something greater than ourselves.

Expanding Your Network

Volunteering allows you to expand your network to include individuals with whom you otherwise may not have the opportunity to meet. New connections could lead to unexpected business partnerships or opportunities. You never know where a conversation could lead! Local volunteering can also increase your company’s brand perception. By demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact on its community, a company can attract customers, investors, and potential employees who share similar values.

Your volunteer experience may lead to a new hobby and new friendships with those who share your interests. Hobbies allow you to decompress and find your purpose in something greater outside the workplace. You might even find an undiscovered passion! All of these benefits are crucial for your mental health.

Increase Your Skill Set

A huge perk of volunteering is gaining experience in collaborating with individuals or groups from different backgrounds. There are untold benefits of working together for a shared purpose.

Beyond gaining valuable experiences that can be applied to your career, volunteering can help employees feel more engaged and motivated, leading to improved productivity and performance. And even if there is no obvious work “benefit,” volunteering is just good for you!

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Trying something new in a different environment can significantly boost confidence, a sense of accomplishment and increase your adaptability. This is a great stress reducer and positively impacts mental health in work and in life.

Companies can support employee volunteerism in a variety of ways:

- offer paid time off or flexible working hours to allow volunteer participation

- organize specific volunteer events

- partner with local charities and community organizations to provide employees with volunteer opportunities

- have employees vote on a communal volunteer opportunity then follow through

Companies that support volunteerism also demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and attract like-minded employees and customers. If your company doesn’t already have a volunteer policy, be the one to start it!

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